Message from the Center Director

Professor Horoyuki Uchida

The Clean Energy Research Center consists of the following two Divisions; the Division of Fuel Cell Research and the Division of Solar Cells and Environmental Science.This Center was established in April, 2001 in order to promote research related to clean energy, aiming to contribute to the resolution of energy and global environmental problems.

In the Division of Fuel Cell Research, our aim is to put fuel cells into practical use in our society. Fuel cells have attracted a great deal of anticipation as an alternative energy source for automobiles, household use, portable devices, and even for thermal power plants. To implement higher performance, we have been carrying out basic and applied studies of new materials. In April 2008, the Fuel Cell Nanomaterials Research Center was also established as our associate Center, and a large national project has been running with close collaboration.

In the Division of Solar Cells and Environmental Science, we have been researching the design and synthesis of materials for solar energy and thermoelectric conversion. In addition, we are conducting a national project involving new analytical technology and the development of equipment that will make it possible to detect ultratrace amounts of environmental pollutants.

The Center was established as a University-affiliated facility and the faculty members also belong to the Graduate School. It provides an opportunity to simultaneously educate undergraduate and graduate students while involving them with the Department of Applied Chemistry. We are guiding their education and study, and also enhancing their development into graduates who will have sufficient hands-on research experience, powerful motivation, and the ability to function at a high level in their respective fields. To enrich the program further, a special five-year doctoral program called “Green Energy Conversion Science and Technology,” was adopted by the 2011 Program for Leading Graduate Schools by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Japan (MEXT).

See further information for our Center, including an overview and details for each Division.

Professor Hiroyuki Uchida